About Us:

My Car Guy is a car buying service
and used auto dealership
located in Howard Lake, MN.

We buy cars and other vehicles for YOU!

Who we are:

My name is Rocky Fontana.   I retired in 2000 after a 30 year career and decided to follow a life long passion.  I grew up on a farm in Iowa.   In the 50’s and 60’s cars became a part of our daily lives and were forever my passion, especially hot rods, street rods and later the muscle cars.

I started buying cars for friends and relatives through a friend of mine’s business who was going to be retiring.

In 2002 we opened MY CAR GUY in Minneapolis and have been buying vehicles for people ever since. In 2016 we moved to our new location in Howard Lake .

Mark Gibson joined MY CAR GUY back in 2002, but also had a full time career.   Well, he retired in 2019 and will be following his passion, YES CARS!!   So Mark will be buying cars for people, too.

We both will only buy vehicles for you that we would buy for ourselves and for our families.   We are very particular in what we will buy and with that we would both like to be known as “MY CAR GUY”

MY CAR GUY,  a used auto dealership, was established and incorporated in Minnesota in 2002 and is not affiliated with any other company with like or similar names.

Privacy Policy:

We do not share any information with any other companies about people who look at this site or who contact us.

Information that you send to us is not stored on our site or its servers, it is emailed to us directly, so that we may contact you.

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